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Millers Oils Nanodrive CFS 5w-40: £7.54 off the RRP of £71.49

Millers Oils Nanodrive CFS 5w-40 NT fully synthetic engine oil – with an RRP of £71.49 for 5 litres, we are offering this for the great Opies price of £63.95, a saving of £7.54!



At Opie Oils, we are proud to stock a wide range of Millers Oils, they are world famous for making the highest quality performance oils. The Millers Nanodrive Oils are the ultimate in “low friction high power oils” providing a fully synthetic, triple ester based oil with Nano Technology.

As you can imagine, using this competition standard oil leads to a range of benefits:

  • significantly reduced friction
  • Reduced component wear
  • Reduced heat production
  • Increased power output
  • Increased torque

The basic principle behind this Nanodrive formulation is to release power through friction reduction, whilst maximising wear protection.

The Nanodrive CFS 5w-40 NT is one of our most popular viscosity choices in this range, suitable for a wide array of vehicles and all kinds of applications – from fast road/street, modified engines, race, rally, sprints and even hill climbs, this will have you covered. It’s worth having complete peace of mind that you have a top quality product in your vehicle, all for the great price of £63.95 for 5 litres.

Not sure if the Millers Nanodrive CFS 5w-40 NT is the correct viscosity for your particular set up? Not to worry, we offer a wide range of other viscosity Nanodrive offerings from Millers Oils, all with great savings off RRP, why not have a look HERE.

Please feel free to give us a call Monday to Friday 8:30 – 5:30 on 01209 202 944 if there’s anything else you need. Alternatively, drop us an email on sales@opieoils.co.uk we’ll be happy to help!

Until next time


Valvemaster Plus – Back in stock at Opie Oils

The Castrol Valvemaster Plus drought is over…We have it on the shelf!



Those of you with a classic, veteran or vintage vehicle will have been aware of a shortage for a certain product from Castrol recently – the Castrol Valvemaster Plus has been experiencing manufacturing delays for the past few months.

We are pleased to announce that this has now been resolved and we are able to begin redistribution straight away, it’s in stock and ready to go – so sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that we’ve got that all important fuel additive for your vintage vehicle covered.

This excellent product has a wide range of benefits:

  • Lead replacement and coolant boost
  • Protects against valve seat recession
  • Octane boost
  • Extremely economical – one millilitre treats one litre!
  • Independently tested to show highest levels of protection
  • Allows your vehicle to run on 95RON unleaded petrol
  • Endorsed by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs

We’ve also got a considerable amount of other products for vintage vehicles including motorbikes, from fluids to clothing, collectibles and regalia – why not take a look at our entire range HERE.

Not sure if this is suitable for your particular set up? Not a problem, we’d be happy to look into it for you – simply give us a call on 01209 202 944 or drop us a message on our contact form.


Everyone loves an Opie Oils Delivery

Hi Folk’s

Opie Oils get lots of people sending in pictures of their Opie Oils delivery. This one stuck out for us and we would like to thank Nathan Thomas for this picture and letting us use it!


Opie Oils works hard to make sure everything is packed so it doesn’t get damaged in transit. However,  we need to work on Parrot proof packaging.

This proves that what ever species you are, you can get excited about the Opie Oils Air Fresheners.

Once again a massive thank you to Nathan Thomas.

Until next time



Opie Oils Ice Scrapers – from as little as 95p

There’s still a few months of cold weather left – don’t get caught in a cold snap!

The excuse of being late to work because you had to wait for your windscreen to defrost will only work so many times before the boss picks up on it. At Opie Oils, we’ve got the age old solution to this age old problem – Ice scrapers!




We’ve got a range of these essential winter motoring pieces, available in different colours and styles, we’re sure there’s something that you’ll find suitable. At Opie Oils, we’re of the opinion that if something isn’t broken, then there’s no need to fix it – there’s a reason that a good quality ice scraper is still the quickest and most effective way of clearing your iced windscreen. This still rings true even 100 years after the invention of the windscreen, all the way back in 1904.


Combine this with our range of superb quality spray de-icers for the ultimate combination in battling those winter blues, and don’t forget about our Michelin and Sumex snow chains to keep you covered whatever the road throws at you!

Until next time, drive safe



Upgrade your Wiper blades with Opie Oils from as little as £2.95

Hi Folk’s

Winter maybe on the way out however it is the perfect time to change your wiper blades. Opie Oils have a large range of wiper blades to fit every vehicle from Denso, Fister, Trico at amazing prices! Our Wiper blades start from as little as £2.95!!


The Most Common Wiper blades problem;

Streaking this happens when the rubber dries out, hardens or cracks. This can also be caused by tree sap, road tar and other foreign substances that has gathered on either the windscreen or the blade.

Skipping normally occurs when the blade develops an arc due to lack of use.

Wearing starts when the blade is used extensively as the rubber edges are rounded instead of squared.

Splitting is when the sun’s ray damage the rubber causing it to breakdown and separate from the frame.

Damage wiper blades can cause you to FAIL your MOT. To prevent any  damages or failing your MOT, we advise you to change your wiper blades once a year. Opie Oils have a large range of Wiper blades.

Opie Oil’s offer a wide range of wiper blades. Below is the complete range of wiper blades;

Fister Blades from as little as £2.95!! Fister are designed to offer you high performance at a budget price.

Trico NeoForm Blades start from as little as £9.95!! Trico NeoForm Wiper Blades are made with a surface protector for a smoother wipe and longer life.

Trico Exact Fit range starts from as little as £4.96!! Trico Exact Fit gives you an like-to-like direct replacement for the original equipment blades

Denso Beam Wiper Blades start from £12.95!! Denso Beam Wiper Blades will hug very closely and evenly so you can see clearly in the worst  weather conditions.

Denso Hybrid Wiper Blades start from £6.95!! Denso Hybrid Wiper Blades  are the original equipment choice of some of the top vehicle manufacturer’s.

Denso Standard Wiper Blades from as little as £4.96!!  Denso Standard Wiper Blades offers the same premium quality and value to the after-market replacement market.

Struggling to find the right Wiper Blade for your Vehicle? Opie Oils are here to help! Use our helpful look up guide to find the right Wiper Blades for you. Opie Oils Look up guide can be found HERE>>>

Until next Time