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The Advantages of Synthetic Oils over Mineral oils

We often get asked about this and it’s commonly totally misunderstood, so our own oil tech man Tim has kindly collaborated with some people in the know and put this together, enjoy…

Extended oil drain periods
Better wear protection and therefore extended engine life
Most synthetics give better MPG
They flow better when cold and are more thermally stable when hot
Surface-active meaning a thin layer of oil on the surfaces at all times (in ester based oils)

How Synthetic oils Achieve these Benefits

Stable Basestocks

Synthetic oils are designed from pure, uniform synthetic basestocks, they contain no contaminants or unstable molecules which are prone to thermal and oxidative break down. Because of their uniform molecular structure, synthetic lubricants operate with less internal and

Download the Fuchs Fuchs Motorsport News International Edition PDF

Grab the Latest Fuchs Motorsport News – 2013 International Edition

Find out what Fuchs have been doing around the globe…

In this edition of the Fuchs international motorsport news you can catch up with exactly what they’ve been doing around the globe from Turkey to Australia, from Rally Championships to Vespa International Rallys, this will give you a little insight into what Fuchs do with sponsorship around the world.

Download the Fuchs Motorsport News letter

“a great read, download it today” – Oilman

Fuchs Motorsport News – International Edition

NEW to Opie Oils – Haynes Build Your Own V8 Combustion Engine

Haynes Build Your Own V8 Combustion Engine Kit

Build a fully functional motorised model of a V8 petrol engine, which features sound recorded from a real V8 and illuminating spark plugs. This kit contains more than 250 parts and all that you need to assemble the model. It comes complete with a Haynes style manual giving clear step by step instructions as well as great informative sections much as “How an engine works”, “Keeping a Car and its Engine Healthy” and  a glossary of “Basic Engine Terms”.

Age Range: 10+
Requires 3 x AA/LR6 batteries (not included)

A great gift Idea for any Petrol Head.

Opie Oils Now Selling Brembo Brakes

Brembo produce some of the highest quality and best known braking systems within the motoring community. Opie Oils are proud to now stock their high quality brake Pads, Discs & Drums.

Brembo uses cutting edge technology and years of experience to produce products that offer market leading standards. Their brake pads are well known for being the bench mark for performance, durability and reliability, and also offer unparalleled braking comfort. Brembo’s brake discs and drums are unrivalled in terms of both size and innovation plus absolute reliability.

Buying Brembo will get you the highest quality aftermarket braking parts which consistently outperform competitors.

NOTE: Before purchasing, please ensure that you purchase the right part for your vehicle. You can use the brake look up tool, browse the vehicle fitment compatibility within each listing or contact us for advice.

Brembo Brake Discs

  • Long lasting high carbon material
  • Straightforward to replace; completely compatible with Original Manufacturer parts.
  • Fixing screws provided with most part numbers

Brembo Brake Pads

  • Brembo brake pads are the perfect complement to Brembo brake discs, but can be used with any other OE or aftermarket brake discs
  • The greatest performance, reliability and durability; original product quality or above
  • Shortest possible stopping distances, whatever the road conditions
  • EU Regulation 90 approved and marked

Brembo Brake Drums

  • Maximum braking safety, deriving from Brembo’s long experience in brake systems and extensive collaboration with leading vehicle makers.
  • The greatest performance, reliability and durability; product quality original or equivalent to the original.
  • Shortest possible stopping distances, whatever the road conditions

Free delivery on all Brembo brake products (T&C’s apply)

…And as an added bonus we’re giving 15% off all Brembo brakes with voucher code BREMBO, but hurry as this offer is for a limited time only!

20% Off All Gulf Oils & Fluids

Offer Update: Offer now finished, however we’ve always got something on offer, take a look for yourself and visit Opie Oils current offers page > > >


At Opie Oils we’ve discounted all Gulf oils and fluids by 20% when you use the voucher code WEEKLYDEAL!

Now’s a great time to save money on top quality products including the very popular Gulf Competition range,  so take advantage of this offer and shop at Opie Oils today!

Not sure what Gulf oil is correct for your vehicle? Why not give us a call on 01209 202944 (Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm) or send us an email at sales@opieoils.co.uk, as are technical advice team are always happy to help.

…Don’t forget this offer ends 10am Monday 14th October.

The team at Opie Oils