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Should I use an oil additive?

We’ve been asked this quiet a few times of late, so here’s what the Oilman Has to say:

“Generally the answer is no. Most aftermarket oil additives are either useless, harmful or sometimes both. The technology used is often out of date and the products are made incredibly cheaply. If those sorts of additives were any good, the major oil manufacturers would be using them.

The only additives we sometimes advise using are the limited slip differential friction modifiers, for certain differentials.“

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  • Trolley Jacks From Opie Oils
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New Lifting range – Trolley Jacks & Axle Stands – launched at Opie Oils

Working on your vehicle just got that bit easier. We’ve just launched an extensive range of trolley jacks and axles stands on our website, all at great prices and all available to purchase online today.

Making sure that you get your car (or other vehicle) safely raised up and secured into position is vital before you start working underneath or start removing wheels etc. Here at Opie we always recommend the use of axles stands and wheel chocks, after all, car’s are not light so you defiantly don’t want it sliding off the jack ruining delicate parts of your vehicle or, if you’re under it, delicate parts of yourself.

We currently stock an extensive range of Polco and Laser stands, jacks and accessories, two of the leading brands out there. This means we’ve something for everyone, from the DIY mechanic who needs a good solid jack and axle stands to the professional that needs a heavy duty / more commercial jack or maybe a crawler board that will help them in the daily task of sliding in and out from the underbelly of cars.