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New product to Opie Oils, Bilt Hamber Korrosol embedded metal remover

Opie Oils Product Review, Bilt Hamber Korrosol – Staff Test

Firstly, most of you won’t actually know what this stuff is. We’ve got to be honest, we didn’t until it landed in our warehouse. The simple truth is, Bilt Hamber Korrosol (1 Litre Trigger Spray) could work wonders for increasing the life span of your vehicle’s paintwork. Why? Because it’s designed to remove embedded metal particles in your paint. These metal flakes are from loads of different sources but the most common is from brake dust. Hot airborne metals, like brake dust fragments, really burn and burrow down into your vehicles paint surface just waiting to oxidise and start a spot of rust, in fact it’s one of the most common starting points of a “rust scab”, this stuff is designed to remove it and stop it in its tracks.

How long it takes:

Not long, about 30min approx.


We recommend doing it on a day that’s not scorching hot as you don’t want this stuff to dry.

What you’ll need:

  • A bottle of Korrosol.
  • Access to a hose or power washer.
  • Wax or quick detailer for protection after you’re done.

DIY Walk Through:

Step 1

Make sure your vehicle is ultra clean. This will just make the whole process easier and help the Korrosol get to work faster. Don’t use a combined wash and wax shampoo – something like Bilt Hamber Auto Wash is ideal.

Korrosol embedded metal remover review

Opie Oils monthly competition – Great prizes up to the value of £350 every month!

Every month of the year we are giving away a great prize up to the value of £350! Our competition could be one prize awarded to one lucky winner or a number of prizes awarded to several winners.

Up for grabs this month is a Xbox 360 250GB Console With Kinect, Kinect Adventures and Forza Motorsport 4.

Xbox 360 250GB Console With Kinect, Kinect Adventures and Forza Motorsport 4.

Competition ends midday 31st July

Enter our July competition here, simply answer our automotive question and submit your contact details.

Good luck!

– the Opie Oils team

And the lucky winner was……..

Mark Wheeler who sent in this picture of the Xbox at its new home.


Congratulations Mark from the team at Opie Oils

Say hello to Opie Oils amazing offers!

365 days of the year, Opie Oils runs offers that will SAVE you money! Our offers could be on a specific product or section of our web site from any of our 11 major oil brands; Amsoil, Castrol, Fuchs, Gulf, Millers Oils (inc Classic range), Mobil, Motul, Red Line Oils, Shell, Silkolene and Valvoline

We cater for more than just cars and bikes too! Whether you have a track day toy, classic vehicle or looking for those hard to find specialist, garden, marine, karting oils, fluids and service parts, Opie Oils have it all!

PLUS it’s not just engine oils & fluids that we put on offer, we also run fantastic offers on cleaning & detailing products, filters and plugs and a huge range of workshop/garage products that help you to get the job done.

Should I use an oil additive?

We’ve been asked this quiet a few times of late, so here’s what the Oilman Has to say:

“Generally the answer is no. Most aftermarket oil additives are either useless, harmful or sometimes both. The technology used is often out of date and the products are made incredibly cheaply. If those sorts of additives were any good, the major oil manufacturers would be using them.

The only additives we sometimes advise using are the limited slip differential friction modifiers, for certain differentials.“

  • Trolley Jacks From Opie Oils
  • Axle Stands From Opie Oils
  • Trolley Jacks From Opie Oils
  • Crawler Boards From Opie Oils
  • Trolley Jacks From Opie Oils
  • Chocks From Opie Oils

New Lifting range – Trolley Jacks & Axle Stands – launched at Opie Oils

Working on your vehicle just got that bit easier. We’ve just launched an extensive range of trolley jacks and axles stands on our website, all at great prices and all available to purchase online today.

Making sure that you get your car (or other vehicle) safely raised up and secured into position is vital before you start working underneath or start removing wheels etc. Here at Opie we always recommend the use of axles stands and wheel chocks, after all, car’s are not light so you defiantly don’t want it sliding off the jack ruining delicate parts of your vehicle or, if you’re under it, delicate parts of yourself.

We currently stock an extensive range of Polco and Laser stands, jacks and accessories, two of the leading brands out there. This means we’ve something for everyone, from the DIY mechanic who needs a good solid jack and axle stands to the professional that needs a heavy duty / more commercial jack or maybe a crawler board that will help them in the daily task of sliding in and out from the underbelly of cars.